What Party Games does Fairy Lavender play at Fairy Themed Parties?


I often find I’m asked the question by parents booking parties ‘Could you tell me what games you play?’…So I thought I’d write a blog post about this. All our games are designed to engage children’s imaginations, promote teamwork, and most of all ensure everyone has lots of fun! We love creating new, unique games and putting a spin on classic popular games. The Rainbow Bop, Rainbow Twist and Rainbow Sparkle packages all include interactive, fun games aimed at boys and girls aged 2-10 years.


We theme the games to match your child’s interests or your party theme. This year Fairy Lavender has been our most booked character so I thought I would write about fairy themed party games. Some Fairy games we play include ‘Fairy, Fairy, Where’s your Wand?’, Musical Mushrooms, Rainbow Parachute games and ‘Still as statues to the magical Fairy Castle’. So how are these games played? Well I’m happy to share that with you.


Fairy, Fairy, Where’s your Wand?

This is a fairy themed version of the popular children’s game played in preschools and kindergarten called ‘doggie, doggie, where’s your bone?’

All the fairies and princes sit in a circle with Fairy Lavender. One fairy/prince is chosen to be the sleepy fairy/prince (whose been dancing and playing in the Evergreen Forest and become tired). The Sleepy fairy ‘has a nap’ (closes her eyes and lies down) in the centre of the circle. Her fairy wand is placed next to her and Fairy Lavender quietly chooses a Fairy or Prince to take the wand. Everyone hides their hands behind their backs and calls out ‘Fairy, Fairy, where’s your wand?’ and the Sleepy Fairy wakes up and has three guesses to guess who took her wand. Children delight in this game, often asking with excitement to please be next at being the one who takes the wand. The children also have a lot of fun guessing who has their wand. It’s a lovely game for parents to enjoy watching as littlies often want to continue holding onto the wand long after their turn of hiding it behind their back. This game is great for parties where space is limited (e.g. in a café or small apartment) it also works well in large spaces too or where the backyard is terraced with bot a lot of space for running safely.  


Musical Mushrooms

This game is a version of musical chairs which I created to avoid the need for chairs. The children are all given a mushroom (red and white polka dot material circle) to sit on. As the music plays the children have fun dancing and when the music stops, they quickly find a mushroom to sit on. Eventually there are less mushrooms than children which creates a little race to sit on a mushroom. This game is enjoyed by all ages and has fun variations for pirate themed parties which I like to call ‘islands’.


Rainbow Parachute

The Rainbow Parachute is very fun indeed! There’s something special about all working together to create waves and ripples with the parachute. Laughter always comes about! One of the games played with the rainbow parachute at fairy parties is ‘the rainbow game’. All the children are given a colour – ‘Red’, ‘Blue’, ‘Yellow’ and ‘Green’. When Fairy Lavender calls ‘1,2,3, Red’ all the children who have ‘red’ as their colour crawl under the parachute and make their way to the other side. This game continues until all colours have had a turn. As a surprise Fairy Lavender loves to call ‘1,2,3, Rainbow’ and all the children realise they can all crawl underneath the parachute and the air is filled with laughter and requests like ‘Can we do that again?!’


Frozen Statues to the Magical Fairy Castle

This game is very popular with all ages (particularly older children) and great for open spaces particularly on level ground in the backyard. One Fairy or Prince is chosen to go to one end of the space whilst everyone else forms a horizontal line, at the other end of the space (facing the Fairy or Prince). The Fairy turns her back to the line and a magical wand is placed at the 30cm from the heels of her shoes. The children in the line, begin to make their way quietly towards the fairy, with the goal of not being spotted moving and aiming to take the wand. When the Fairy/Prince turns around everyone freezes like statutes. However, if the Fairy/prince turns quickly and she/he sees a child running, walking or moving they can send the child back to the beginning (where the line first began). The game continues until someone successful takes the wand! It is then their turn to be the magical Fairy/Prince.


If you are having a unique themed party feel free to let us know as we create games to match your theme. Some themes have included an under the sea mermaid themed party, Moana party, princess party, pirate party, Star Wars party or superhero party or something else you have in mind! I hope you find this blog post helpful when planning for your little one’s upcoming fairy party.


Are you wanting to incorporate pass-the-parcel or more games?

If you are having face painting at your party please feel free to run a pass-the-parcel, limbo or pinata whilst Fairy Lavender or one of her character friends face paints at your party. Fairy Lavender is always happy to provide music for you to run extra games. Or if you prefer this can simply be free-play time for the children, or time to eat party lunch/food whilst parents enjoy relaxing and chatting. If you would like to run Pass-the-Parcel, it can be great during face painting, because when a child receives a prize, they can then be sent over to enjoy having their face painted.


So, with all these games, when’s a good time to serve food?

With our ‘Rainbow Twist’ 1.5hr Package and ‘Rainbow Sparkle’ 2hr Package approximately 45 minutes into the entertainment games finish and face painting commences. This can be a great time to serve food as children can enjoy eating together and come along one at a time or in small groups of three to have their faces painted. If you’re looking to book the ‘Rainbow Bop’ 1hr Package, we recommend serving food before or after your party entertainment booking.


I hope you find this helpful for when planning for your next party. If you have any questions about packages, games or parties with Rainbow Children’s Entertainment please feel free to contact me.


Magical Wishes,

Jessica/Fairy Lavender

0422 628 113