We hope you enjoy choosing a character to entertain or face-paint at your party! Give us a call if you’d like a new and special character to match your party theme. We love getting creative with costumes or creating new characters!

Pirate Pippa

‘ARRGH me hearties’… Pirate Pippa loves playing pirate games and going on treasure hunts with all the party shipmates. She loves twisting balloons for balloon fights and painting pirate faces.

Super Girl

Super Girl is super excited about visiting parties and running super hero training that challenges all children. She loves painting super hero designs and making your event a super one!


Whenever Batgirl sees the bat signal she knows it’s not only time to fight crime but to fly to a birthday party Batgirl loves painting super hero designs and adding excitement to parties!

Princess Pearl

Princess Pearl grew up in a castle by the sea. She loves wearing pearls, caring for animals and playing princess games at parties.

Eve the Christmas Elf

Eve the Christmas Elf is a cheeky Elf who loves painting faces, twisting balloons, telling Christmas stories and doing magic. Eve helps Santa to wrap all the presents and loves Christmas craft

Holly the Christmas Fairy

Holly the Christmas Fairy is often found dancing near the Holly tree where you may catch a glimpse of her red and green dress. Holly sprinkles her magic fairy dust and flies to Christmas events to perform Christmas magic shows and face paint Christmas faces.

Mermaid Madeline

Mermaid Madeline lives in a cove under the sea. She loves collecting shells and trinkets. Madeline loves when her fin magically turns into feet so she can visit children at their parties. Children delight in catching bubbles blown by Madeline, dancing, skipping and having their faces painted with ‘under the sea’ designs.

Giggles the Clown

Giggles the Clown is full of colour, energy and giggles! Children delight in playing party games with Giggles, assisting with magic tricks, and imagining up what they would like to be transformed into with her vivid face painting. Giggles is sure to have the children giggling!

Fairy Lavender

Fairy Lavender lives near the lavender bushes. She’s sometimes spotted watering the lavender whilst dancing to music. Children love playing games with Fairy Lavender.

Fairy Rosie

Fairy Rosie lives over the rainbow and loves visiting rainbow themed parties. She loves to face paint colourful, vivid designs on children’s faces and arms and twist fun balloons.

Leahlani the Hula Girl

Leahlani the Hula Girl travels to parties from the beautiful Island of Moorea. Leahlani is friends with Moana and loves to weave her storytelling into her magic show and delight children with bubble catching and party games! Leahlani can also bring vivid beautiful face paint designs to your party.

Yasmine the Unicorn

Yasmine the Unicorn loves sprinkling magic whereever she visits. She loves to engage children in party games and invite special helpers up to help with magic tricks. 

Jungle Jess

Jungle Jess comes from the Amazon Rainforest and loves exploring new environments! She loves performing magic especially turning a caterpillar silk into a butterfly silk. She can face paint the birthday child and all their friends as wild jungle animals and facilitate fun party games..

Disco Diva

How about inviting a disco diva to your party to get the kids moving with lots of fun disco dancing and disco games such as Musical Statues, Limbo, Musical Mushrooms, Corners, Dance like the leader and more! We can also twist fast, classic balloons for guests to take home or face paint neon designs that glow under UV torches.

Easter Fairy

The Easter Fairy is a delightful fairy who is great friends with Whiskers the White Rabbit (puppet). Both the Easter Fairy and Whiskers are friends of the Easter Bunny. Whiskers is a little shy and needs some encouragement to come out and meet children. The Easter Fairy loves performing magic at childcare centres and can also face paint Easter designs or twist fast, classic balloons for the children to take home.