How to create an Argh-mazing Pirate Party!

Are you keen to throw your child a pirate party? If you like getting creative with food then you might like to focus on this and keep decorations simple. Or if you’re more creative with decorations, then you may prefer to focus on the party decorating and provide a simple afternoon tea for the children. Perhaps you love to do both – Great! Have a swashbuckling time and go all out!

Here are 5 ideas for inspiration…

1.Party Invitations

Create a treasure hunt map with your child. Your child could draw the map and you could make colour photocopies. Your child could draw an ‘X’ marking the spot with the address of your party. Other party details can be written on different parts of the map. You and your child could draw a shark, dolphin and waves on the map. Burn the edges of the maps (preferably without your child’s involvement ha-ha.) Fold up the invite placing it in a yellow envelope with the party guest’s name.


Could be as simple as red and black balloon clusters around trees in the backyard

  • Welcome signs that read ‘Pirates and Pixies this way’, ‘Pirate Cove this way’ or ‘Pirates only beyond this point!’
  • Use a black fabric table cloth for the party food table and sprinkle with gold chocolate coins
  • Create a treasure chest centerpiece – place red fabric material inside and fill with a mixture of gold chocolate coins, a chain of gold or coloured beads, gem stones and any beaded or ‘gold’ costume jewellery you have around the house. (Treasure chests may be purchased from some party supply shops, eBay or etsy)
  • Skeletons could be hung from trees in the backyard or placed in wooden barrels.

When coming up with decoration ideas – It’s a great idea to brainstorm with your child – Children’s imaginations are amazing and it builds the anticipation for the upcoming party!

3. Party Food Ideas

  • Hot dogs on a long roll with a pirate flag sticking into the hot dog
  • Crumbed fish and chips
  • Chicken nuggets labeled ‘Golden Nuggets’
  • Blue or green jelly cups with a long rectangular cracker balancing across the top of the cup. A sign can be placed near these reading ‘Walk the plank!’
  • Maltesers labeled ‘Cannon balls’
  • Cupcakes decorated with skull and cross-bone icing
  • Watermelon triangles with pirate flags on top
  • If you really want to get creative, have fun creating a pirate ship or shark from a whole watermelon!

Check out Pinterest for top ideas for pirate themed party food!

4.Party Games and Activities  

Rainbow Children’s Entertainment has created adventurous, exciting and unique pirate games. Feel free to give us a call to chat about what games we can facilitate at your child’s party. Children will have a swashbuckling fun time!

5.Pirate Loot bags for guests

  • Cut red and black stripped or red and white stripped fabric into squares and fill the centre with chocolate gold coins, a ring pop, candy necklace, chocolate bullets and a pirate eye patch. Tie together with string. Hole punch a small cardboard pirate flag with the guests name written in pen or white out pen and attach to the pirate loot bags!

Happy Pirate Planning! Feel free to give Jessica a call if you’d like some help.

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