Does your little girl love pretending to be a princess? Perhaps a Princess party is in order. Preparing and decorating for a princess party can be so much fun! The ideas are endless.

Here are 5 ideas for inspiration:

  1. Party Invitations 

You and your child could create tiara shaped invitations by cutting out the shape from pink or purple cardboard (You could use gold cardboard crowns for the Princes). You could then decorate the tiara invitations with gemstones (purchased from a craft store or 2 dollar shop). These can be glued on with PVA craft glue. A silver pen could be used to write all the princess party details. Pop it in an envelope and send it to the Princesses and Princes.

Another party invitation idea is to create a royal scroll on shimmery paper and use a silver or colourful pen to include the parties details on the invitation. This can then be rolled up and an organza ribbon tied around it.

  1. Decorations
  • Princess themed parties are wonderful hosted outside or inside. If hosting outside you can use a pop up gazebo with shimmery material draped from the centre of the roof to the outer edges of the roof. You can also decorate with fairy lights, clusters of balloons or bunting.
  • Another idea is to use a garden arch and decorate with artificial chains of roses or ribbons. 2 chairs decorated with flower chains can be placed next to each other, underneath the arch, to make a Princess throne (Perfect for Princess photos)
  • A pink organza or similar fabric would be perfect as a tablecloth for the party food table.
  • A centerpiece could be created using a vase, pink peonies (similar to roses) and a silver tiara.
  • Silver tiara shaped confetti could be sprinkled on the tablecloth
  • Pink and silver plates, cutlery, plates and serviettes can be used to match the theme.
  • Welcome signs could read ‘Princesses and Princes Royal Palace entry’
  • Pink and silver balloons can be clustered around a gazebo and the front door and the classic balloons on the ‘royal’ letterbox so guests can spot your home or should I say ‘Princess Palace’.
  • If you’d like to create a Palace entry, here is an idea for 2 towers/turrets on either side of the front door. You could securely place two poles in a stand (sort of like a beach umbrella stand) either side of the front door and attach pink balloons around this to make a balloon pillar (tower) a purple cone (like the shape of giant party hat) can be attached to the top of the pillars (towers). The effect is 2 royal towers either side of the front door.
  • You may even like to roll out a royal red carpet to the front door.
  1. Princess Party Food 

It’s a great idea to check with parents if any children attending the party have any food allergies or dietary requirements. Good to check with the adults attending too.

  • Tiered high tea stands can be used to serve mini quiches, wraps, sandwiches, vol-au-vents (Enjoyed by adults and children)
  • Small Magic wands (with a star or tiara at the top) can be purchased, washed and used as fruit skewers with strawberries, grapes, rockmelon, pineapple or any seasonal fruits.
  • For sweets – ‘Cups and saucers’ made from iced Marie biscuits, marshmallow, half a lifesaver for a handle and a chocolate freckle on top.
  • Sandwiches cut into the shape of tiaras, butterflies or stars with cookie cutters
  • Cinderella’s royal coach could be created from a cob bread with 4 wheels (circles of bread from the top of the cob bread) positioning on either side of the cob base with a toothpick. 2 toy horses can be used to pull the coach.
  • Cucumber can be cut into flower shapes with a cookie cutter
  • Cupcakes, strawberries dipped in chocolate or cake-pops make a nice Princess treat.
  • Water with ice cubes with mint leaves and straberries (Water is fantastic at children’s parties as children often get thirsty playing lots of party games)
  • If you’re after a fizzy drink treat you may like to serve creaming soda labeled ‘Fairy Fizz’ or make spiders with creaming soda, ice-cream or cream on top with a mini tiara decoration on top.                                                                                                               Feel free to contact Jessica if you’re looking for recommendations of  a catering and/or decoration service that specialises in children’s birthday parties and christenings.
  1. Party Games There are many classic party games that can be adapted to include a Princess twist.
  • ‘Duck, Duck, Goose’ is loved by all ages and could become ‘Princess, Princess, Frog’
  • ‘What’s the time Mr. Wolf?’ can become – ‘What’s the time royal Princess?’
  • ‘Red Light Green Light’ can become a challenge to make it to the royal palace without being caught by the evil witch! Boys and girls alike particularly love this game!
  • ‘Doggie Doggie Where’s your bone?’ could become ‘Princess Princess where’s your tiara’.

Princess Pearl, one of our magical characters, loves engaging children and their imaginations in fun Princess Party games. Games can be adapted to suit a variety of ages and outdoor or indoor spaces. We love to help the adults relax so they can sit back and enjoy watching the children have fun playing games. Mums and Dads are of course welcome to join in the party games too! Our Rainbow Bop package is perfect for children who enjoy games and also involves a themed mini magic show, dancing game, bubbles and choice of face painting or balloon twisting. Feel free to give Jessica a call to discuss party entertainment for your child’s birthday or special event.

  1. Princess/Prince party gift for the royal guests
  • For Princes, you and your child could put together a toy crown with jewels and a knights sword wrapped in cellophane and curling ribbon.
  • For Princesses, you and your child could put together a tiara and magic wand wrapped in cellophane with curling ribbon or organza ribbon.

For more Princess Party inspiration check out Pinterest’s Top 25 ideas for Princess parties.

Did you find this blog helpful? We’d love to hear what you think. Feel free to comment or ask questions below and Princess Pearl will reply. Feel free to share with your friends.

Happy Princess Party Planning!

Jessica x